JAKARTA, April 30, 2018 - Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia ("Bank") with PT Bank ANZ Indonesia, Emirates NBD PJSC (Singapore Branch) and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Singapore Branch) together with eight other participating banking institutions agreed on distributed a syndicated loan facility to one of the leading multifinance companies, PT Chandra Sakti Utama Leasing (CSULfinance), a subsidiary of PT Tiara Marga Trakindo. The total commitment of this loan reached 126.5 million US Dollars or equivalent to Rp1, 7 trillion. Standard Chartered was appointed Mandated Lead Arranger to lead syndicated credits and oversubscribed 1.7 times the total loan contracts previously valued at US $ 75 million.

Rino Donosepoetro, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia, said, "This syndicated loan is the first mandate given by CSULfinance to the Bank. Our syndicated strategy is structured with the principle of prudence - and we are very proud of its initial sales of over 1.7 times demand surpass. This achievement is supported by the diverse participation of loans from across countries and regions, from Japan, Europe, the Middle East and international banks - in line with our goal to continue to drive trade and investment by leveraging the Bank's global distribution range. "

Suwandi Wiratno, President Director, CSULfinance, added, "We highly appreciate the performance of Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia, PT Bank ANZ Indonesia, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Emirates NDB PJSC who managed to become the coordinator of the acquisition of syndicated loans for CSULfinance. This loan facility will be made available for financing to customers who have good reputation and capacity. We hope that this success will be the first step towards a better relationship in the future. "

Scope and Related Highlights of the Transaction

  • The first syndication mandate of CSULfinance for Standard Chartered Bank - This transaction marks the third time the issuance of CSULfinance syndication in the lending market in the last five years, and is the first syndicated mandate that Standard Chartered received.
  • Standard Chartered's position as market leader - This transaction underlines Standard Chartered's leadership in Southeast Asian lending markets, enhances track record of the Bank as the top Bookrunner in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and demonstrates the bank's strong commitment in providing top-notch and structured transactions to the market. This transaction is the third mandate given to Standard Chartered by non-bank financial institutions in Indonesia in the last 12 months. This reflects market confidence in the Bank's capability in structured lending.
  • Increase in transaction economic value - To meet regulatory requirements and manage foreign exchange risk Borrowers, these transactions are structured with complete protection against foreign exchange rates, thereby increasing the overall return on transactions.
  • Tenor - This syndicated facility has a tenor of three (3) years.


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