Corporate Governance Guidelines

Companies in implementing governance refers to the principles of Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence (Independent) and Equality.

1.    Transparency

CSULfinance is committed to carrying out the principle of openness to the decision-making process in every type of financing business activity. CSULfinance will perform documentation of the decision and ensure every decision-making process is in accordance with applicable procedures. CSULfinance also ensures the socialization of policies and decision-making procedures.

2.     Accountability

CSULfinance guarantees the clarity of the Company’s functions, rights, performance and responsibilities for the effective management of its business activities. CSULfinance documents the definition of functions, rights, and responsibilities and obligations of each Company’s Organs and communicates those matters to each interested party so that any decisions within the company will be clearly accountable for its accountability in accordance with applicable regulations. CSULfinance continuously strives to balance the interests of Shareholders, as well as other stakeholders.

3.    Responsibility

CSULfinance is committed that the management of the Company’s business activities is carried out by applying risk management and in accordance with the principles of sound business management, standard ethical values, prevailing laws and regulations. CSULfinance will always seek partnerships with all stakeholders within the limits of sound legislation and business ethics.

4.    Independency

CSULfinance strives to apply professionalism in the management of the Company’s business activities without any conflict of interest, influence or pressure from any party that is not in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and rules of management of a healthy corporate business activity. CSULfinance strives that each Company’s Organs is no dominating and cannot be intervened. Each company organs will perform its duties in accordance with applicable laws and GCG Principles.

5.    Fairness

CSULfinance always takes into account the interests (rights) of stakeholders based on the principle of equality and fair benefits. CSULfinance fulfills the rights of stakeholders arising under applicable laws and regulations and without discrimination.

CSULfinance encourages the Company’s Organs to make decisions and perform their duties on the basis of good faith and compliance with applicable legislation and awareness of the company’s responsibilities to stakeholders, as well as high consistency in applying GCG principles in every line of organization will have a positive impact on the achievement of GCG goals.