Choosing the right forklifts can have a major positive ROI for any companies that carefully plan their business, and they can also get the best equipment for their daily operation. Before acquiring a forklift, it is better to consider a method of procurement to pursue; whether to rent, lease, or buy a forklift. For ones who plan to lease a forklift, here are 8 steps to leasing forklifts through an equipment leasing company you must know.

Choose the Type of Machine

Forklift engine consists of 2 types of power source, engine power source or electric power source. Not only that, you also need to determine the maximum load capacity of each machine and the maximum height that can be reached of each machine.

Choose a Dealer

You can find a heavy equipment dealer and determine what machine you want to have at the dealer. Usually the dealer not only provides a new machine, but also a used machine as well. If you choose a used machine, for sure the price will be much cheaper compared to the new one. As for the machine performance, the new one is much better than the used one. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a machine with a cheaper price, you can buy a used one.

Choose a Leasing Company

The next step is that you can choose a trusted leasing company to finance your investment.  You can choose and visit a trusted leasing company, like CSUL Finance, then apply for a forklift lease. The general requirements that you need to fill is to complete all your information along with a copy of your ID card, a copy of bank account information, a copy of your family card, and so on.

Company and Home Survey

To get approval from the leasing company, you must be surveyed first. This survey is important to find out whether you are eligible for a loan or not. The leasing company will conduct a survey of your company or factory. The leasing company will ask about business legality, turnover, etc., related to your business or company. At the same time, the leasing company will also conduct a survey in your home whether it is your own home or a house for a rent. It will be better if the house where you live in is your own home to get easier approval from the leasing company.


The leasing company will confirm whether your investment financing proposal is approved or not. If it is approved, there will be a confirmation given to you either by telephone, email, or an official letter. If it is not approved, you will also get confirmation, but the financing process will stop here.

Heavy Equipment Survey

The next step is the leasing company will conduct a survey of the forklift to find out whether it is eligible to be financed or not. A forklift that is too old and does not function properly will not be approved. After the survey, you need to wait until the leasing company gives you a confirmation regarding the approval.

Financing Scheme

If the forklift has been approved, then the next step is you can make a request of the financing scheme, starting from the financing period, the first down payment, and so forth. By looking at the financing scheme you will know how much you have to pay each month.

Signing the Agreement

The final step is that you have to sign the leasing agreement. After signing, you will be bound by the leasing company and you cannot violate the agreement stated in the leasing agreement.

Forklift leasing through a leasing company is far more profitable because you can lease the equipment up to 4 years. This will save more money than other rental services where you usually have to pay for hourly or daily.


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