Indeed, today many offer loans ranging from banks, finance companies, peer to peer landing, and others. Unfortunately to apply for a loan is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, it is because the terms and also the complicated filing process makes the submission of loan funds can be rejected many times. Therefore, being successful in applying for a loan is important for you to know how to make this creditor want to grant your request. Moreover, if this creditor is not an individual but a large financial and financing company where to grant your request there are several policies and requirements that they apply and you must fulfill. If you want to get a business capital loan, there are several ways you can do it to be quickly granted as follows:

Track Record of Loans or Loans

Before you apply for a loan, you should know how to track your credit or loan. The better and consistent your credit payments, the easier it will be for you to get a loan again. This track record is important to accept or not the credit that you submit, especially if the place you use for submission is in the bank or other financial companies. If you have been blacklisted, it will be difficult to get the loan.

Amount of Debt Owned

Not only is the credit or loan track record seen but the amount of credit debt or loan you have will be seen by the creditor. For example, before applying for a loan you have two more debts in another place, the creditor will be careful to grant the business capital loan that you have submitted. Why is that? this is to avoid things that are not desirable in the future, for example, are bad installments and so forth.


Do not be happy even though you have not been blacklisted by BI or IFSA because to get your credit collectibility loan must also be good. Creditors will see how collectable your credit or loan has been. There are five collectibility statuses that will be a benchmark for banks and other companies to provide loans. The first collectibility status is smooth where the debtor always pays the debt on time and does not often mature. The second status is DPK or In Special Attention, namely the debtor is in arrears of credit for 1 to 90 days. The third is Substandard Credit where the debtor has arrears for 91 days up to 120 days. The fourth status is doubtful where it is delinquent for 121 to 180 days and the last is a default where the debtor delays more than 180 days. If there is a previous credit that has a bad collectability, you have to fix it first so that the collectibility changes and you can easily apply for a loan.

Loan Size

To determine the amount of the loan given, it will be adjusted to the income or business profit. If you apply for a loan that is too large that is not in line with your business income, it is very likely that your loan application or loan is rejected. Think carefully about the net income of your business, then the installments you have to pay each month should not exceed 30%. If more than 30% is ensured if your business finances will become problematic and have an impact on business operations. In addition, to be quickly granted your business finances must be healthy. By looking at financial books it will be seen whether the business is profitable or even losers. Banks and other financial companies do not want to fund businesses that have unhealthy finances to avoid undesirable things in the form of bankrupt businesses and it is difficult to make installments.

Legal The way to get a business capital loan quickly is that your business must be legal. There are several requirements that you must fulfill to show the legality, such as attaching SIUP, SITU, TDP, and so on. For SMEs, which are small and medium businesses, they must attach some administrative evidence that is proof that the SMEs they established are legal, such as TDP, SIUP, NPWP, as well as disturbance permits.

So are some ways or tips that you can do so that the business capital loan that you submit is fast running out, hopefully this information is useful.


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