Large factories with huge number of human resources still need heavy equipment to help work more effectively and efficiently. For factories or companies that are engaged in construction tasks, heavy equipment is needed to help work that should be done by a machine. Nevertheless, it is costly to buy a forklift in cash and in a way can possibly make a financial problem for the companies. One way to meet the company's needs for a forklift is to lease it. The following are 5 things you should consider when leasing a forklift or heavy equipment:

Power Source

Based on its power source, we can differentiate forklift into two types; engine power source and electric power source. For forklifts with engine powers source, they can be distinguished based on the engine that is being used, like a diesel machine, gasoline machine, and LPG fueled machine. Of all the engines, diesel machine forklifts are the most widely used because they are cheaper, stronger, and also easier to maintain. Diesel machine forklifts is suitable for outdoor used because the size tends to be large and the engine is noisier.

For electric forklifts, electric power is used as the main power of its engine and it uses a battery to supply the electricity. Electric forklifts are more environmentally friendly compared to forklifts with engine power source, and the maintenance of the electric forklifts is also cheaper than the fueled machined forklifts. Even so, the weakness of electric forklifts is it can only be used for relatively shorter usage, yet needs longer time to charge the battery. Battery charging of the electric forklifts should not be done in any places because the electricity generated is quite large.


There are forklifts with small to large capacity. The greater the capacity of the forklift, the large the size or body of the forklifts. If you want to transport goods that are not too big, choose a forklift with a capacity of 3.5 tons, and it will be easier to move the forklifts.

Lift Height

Each forklift engine has a different capacity and lift height. The height that can be reached by a forklift starts from 2 meters to 8 meters. If you need to place items with a high location, then choose a forklift that has a maximum lift. One way to use forklifts that must be considered is if you want to put the goods at maximum height, it is recommended that the weight of the item you want to lift should be less than the maximum weight of the load of the forklift. For example, a forklift with a maximum load capacity of 2 tons should lift an item with weight less than 2 tons. Why is it like that? That is because the load of the forklift decreases at maximum height so the weight must be reduced.

Checking the Machine Condition

If you lease a forklift at an ordinary leasing place, you must check the condition of the engine first. Make sure you don’t get a broken machine, moreover if you have already paid the rent in full. There are several rental services that can exchange forklifts, but this will waste your time and will neglect the company or factory operations.

Rental Place

If you need a forklift for only a few days or even one day, you can rent it on a regular rental place. However, if you need this tool for a long time, renting at an ordinary rental place will only make the rental fee swell. As a solution, you can rent from a leasing finance company where the company can lease heavy equipment for your company's or factory's operations based on the agreed tenor or lease period.

So, those are some considerations for forklift leasing that you should know, hopefully this information is useful.


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