CSULfinance as a subsidiary of PT Mahadana Dasha Utama, participated in CSR activities held by Mahadasha in conjunction with PKPU Human Initiative on 3 and 19 December 2019 located in Neglasari Village, Bogor. This CSR activity is a CSR activity that aims to help local residents by building MCK (Bathing, Washing, and Toilet) facilities and clean water wells that can be used by residents to preserve the environment in order to develop clean living habits. In addition, there was a socialization of activities with children of SD Negeri 05 on how to wash hands and use used waste for recycling. CSR activities with Neglasari elementary school children are accompanied by various games.

Even this CSR activity also aims to develop the awareness of the Neglasari village community for the importance of clean water. The Mahadasha group together with the Neglasari community worked together to clean the village and make a trash bin aimed at making the community no longer littering in the Neglasari environment.


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