Various innovations in the culinary world are increasing the number of culinary businesses in Indonesia. With broad opportunities and markets, people are competing to open this business.

Unfortunately, opening a culinary business is not enough to serve good food. However, you also have to know what foods people like and are currently trending so that it can become a business opportunity.

Here are culinary business ideas in 2023 that have great opportunities, and you can run them.

1. All-you-can-eat (AYCE)

The all-you-can-eat concept is now popular among people, especially young people. You served various kinds of meat, vegetables, fruit, and drinks that can be taken as much as you like, giving consumers a unique sensation. If you have significant capital, you can franchise an existing well-known AYCE restaurant, so you don't have to think about other equipment.

2. Pastries

The culture of sending parcels or hampers filled with pastries to relatives and friends on the big day has opened vast culinary business opportunities for pies. You can sell cake hampers during celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Graduation, etc. Selling pastries can be done with small and straightforward capital.

3. Rice Box

The PPKM status in Indonesia, which was revoked, made all routines, such as work and school, go back offline. Employees who work in offices and schools, children, and students who start face-to-face learning need food. Rice boxes or rice boxes can be suitable food for them to satisfy their hunger. To be pocket-friendly for employees and students, you can sell boxed rice and side dishes at affordable prices.

4. Korean food

The increasing interest of the Indonesian people in Korean culture can become a culinary business opportunity. Everything that smells Korean, especially fried chicken, ramen, and tteokbokki, will sell well. Korean food also has its taste, namely spicy and soft, so Indonesian people like it.

Thus the discussion of culinary business ideas for 2023 that you can try.

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