Based on survey data from Indonesia, 40.57% of people's income is spent on online shopping. Every payday, people will check e-commerce to see the various products offered.

Online shopping is not a bad thing and has the goal of fulfilling daily needs. However, sometimes people like to cross the line and overspend to the point of overspending.

Here are tips for online shopping while remaining frugal and pocket-friendly.

1. Make a shopping list

A shopping list is necessary to prevent impulse purchases. People prioritize the products they need to buy by making a shopping list.

2. Set a budget limit

Always make a budget when shopping. Also, set a maximum budget limit to help reduce unnecessary expenses.

3. Always order through the app

When shopping online, always order through the app. E-commerce apps have more discounts and promos than websites.

4. Use promo vouchers and cashback

Claim any discount vouchers or free shipping the first time you download the app. Take advantage of the vouchers and promos that you get when buying products.

5. Shopping when there are certain events

Shop when there are events such as national online shopping day, 12.12, 11.11, etc. The reason is during these events. There are massive discounts that can save expenses.

Those are some online shopping tips but save money in your pocket.

Let's start by implementing it so that your pocket stays safe.

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