CSULfinance as one of the Non-Bank Financial Services Institutions is required to implement Risk Management effectively which is tailored to the objectives, business policies, size and complexity based on POJK No. 1 of 2015.

It was announced that CSULfinance will carry out the procurement of company risk profile applications / solutions with the following conditions:

  1. Scope of Procurement
    • Web-based application that can carry out data input, store information and review each risk profile parameter, perform parameter calculations, perform parameter administration & application users, and produce reporting in accordance with applicable regulations.
    • The application is in accordance with POJK No. 1 of 2015 concerning Application of Risk Management for Non-Bank Financial Services Institutions and POJK No. 14 of 2015 concerning Implementation of Integrated Risk Management for Financial Conglomerates.
    • Applications can be developed into an integrated risk management platform that includes Operational Risk Management and if possible developed into GCG assessments in accordance with POJK No. 30 of 2014 concerning Good Corporate Governance for Financing Companies.
  2. Application / solution procurement is carried out through procurement proposal selection and application / solution POC.
  3. Participants can follow the procurement process by completing the scan of the following documents:
    • SIUP
    • Certificate of Company Registration
    • NPWP, 2017 SPT Proof, and tax deposit (if underpayment)
    • Identity (KTP / Passport) of directors
    • Last change deed
  4. Procurement participants send company profiles, list of application / solution features, and general architecture applications / solutions (in PDF form).
  5. Documents in numbers 3 & 4 are sent via email to GA@CSUL.CO.ID & WISNU.WAHYUARDI@CSUL.CO.ID
  6. Documents in numbers 3 & 4 must be received no later than November 14, 2018, at 23.59 WIB.
  7. Selected companies will be called to do POC applications / solutions and submit application / solution price bids.
  8. IDR 450 Million application / solution price.
  9. Appointments will be made on November 21, 2018, if there are changes to the schedule, information will be given to the selected participants.


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