CSULfinance is regulated and under the supervision from Financial Service Authority (OJK). With regulation POJK No.29/POJK/05/2014, 19th November 2014, Financing company has given expand their business into 3 main activities which are:

  1. Investment Financing

This Financing category is used for productivity purpose for more than 2 years tenor. This financing transaction scheme could be Rent Financing, Buy and Lease Back, Factoring with recourse, installment financing, and projects financing.

  1. Working Capital Financing

This financing has purposed for productivity purpose with less than 2 year tenor. This financing scheme could be buy and lease back, factoring with or without recourse and working capital financing 

  1. Multipurpose Financing 

This financing has consumptive purpose such as buy motorcycle, car, gadgets, or other consumptive purpose. This scheme financing could be lease financing and installment financing.


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