Currently, the Indonesian people still tend to choose to purchase vehicles through financial institutions, so the collaboration between the two will make it easier for consumers to get a vehicle as well as get maintenance.

Currently, Dokter Mobil and CSULfinance collaborate to present a bundling program in vehicle maintenance and service for debtors. Of course, this program aims to ensure the comfort and safety of consumers in purchasing quality used cars.

"CSUL finance chose Dokter Mobil (DOMO) because DOMO is a modern workshop that is currently very good at providing education to the public regarding car care," said CSULfinance's Marketing Director, Adi Fausta Lauw in his official statement, Thursday.

He continued that with the presence of this program, it would certainly make it easier for CSULfinance consumers to take care of their vehicles. Dokter Mobil itself already has at least 23 branches spread across Indonesia.

"Every purchase of a new or used car, definitely requires the cost of car maintenance and repairs in the future. Dokter Mobil is ready to help ease maintenance and repairs as a reliable and trusted cooperation partner," said the Founder of Dokter Mobil, Lung-lung.

At this time, debtors can choose a Dokter Mobil financing and service package which will include the cost of servicing the Dokter Mobil's main products, namely Tune Up Jet Clean, Oil Change and AC Maintenance.

Later this program will be in accordance with the rate and class of cars that can be claimed for a period of 12 months / 1 year from the time of car financing at CSULfinance.

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