Located at Gunung Geulis Camp Area, Bogor, CSULfinance carries the theme CSUL Fun Day, Crazy Olympic 2018 so that it can bring together and strengthen friendship between all management and CSULfinance employees from all over Indonesia.

The program was CSUL Fun Day, Crazy Olympic 2018 was chosen because the moment coincided with the ongoing 2018 Asean Games so that all CSULfinance employees can feel excitement and togetherness through sports. At the evening event, the excitement continues to take place with MC jokes, stand up comedy, CSUL launching of the latest update Apps and Website version of the CSULfinance Dashboard which is made to provide convenience for accessing customer data at CSULfinance.

The event continued at night with a birthday candlelight program by the Board of Directors (Pak Suwandi, Pak Andreas, and Pak Eddy) and Commissioners (Mr. Danan and Pak Handoyo) and the distribution of door prize prizes in the form of Iphone X and Motor as the most awaited main prize waiting by all CSULfinance employees.


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