People with a heavy economic burden because they have to support two families are called the sandwich generation. The sandwich generation bears the cost of living for the upper family, namely parents, and the cost of living for the lower family, namely the spouse and children.


What's the age of the sandwich generation?

Quoted from various sources, the sandwich generation often occurs in men and women aged 30 to 40 years. The presence of the sandwich generation is caused by the lack of financial preparation from parents when they were young for the future.

The sandwich generation is also divided into categories based on the person's dependence.

1. Open-faced sandwich generation
The open-faced sandwich generation is a generic category that does not have children, so it only bears the living expenses of parents and partners. People in this category have relatively more minor dependent costs because there are no additional costs for children's needs.
2. Club sandwich generation
The Club sandwich generation is a generic category with a high cost of living. This is because they also have to bear the living costs of their grandparents, parents, spouse, and children. The club sandwich generation category generally comes from large families.
3. Traditional sandwich generation
The traditional sandwich generation is the most common generation category and is felt by many people. They bear the living expenses of parents, spouses, and children.

Thus the discussion about the sandwich generation. Let's start saving and investing, so we don't become the sandwich generation.

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