The presence of this leasing service will allow you to lease and purchase goods by paying in installments that can make your life easier. Besides cars, finance companies also offer heavy equipment financing. As previously known, the procurement or purchase of this heavy equipment is very expensive so that cash purchases are feared to burden the company's finances. If you borrow heavy equipment in rental service, you will only get a limited rental period of only a month, besides that, the cost of renting is also expensive. Therefore, leasing is a solution for companies that need heavy equipment but have not been able to make cash payments. By applying for leasing a machine to a finance company or lessor, there will be several benefits that will be obtained, as follows:

Longer Tenor/Period of Time

One of the advantages of machine leasing at a trusted lessor is that you will be offered a longer tenor up to 4 years so that you will be given enough time to use the machine.


The advantage of using leasing services is that payments can be paid in installments according to the tenor you have taken. The faster the tenor, the greater the interest you have to bear; and vice versa, the longer the tenor, the less interest you have to bear. The amount of installments that you must bear at a trusted lessor is also light compared to other financial companies.

Capital savings

The advantage that you can immediately feel is capital savings. You have to pay for hundreds of millions to buy heavy equipment, so your capital can be drained especially for the medium scale company. By applying for leasing and payment systems, you will be able to use other capital for other business purposes and you only need to prepare the installments.

Avoid inflation

Inflation will always occur in the economic sector, not only in Indonesia but in several countries. By applying for this lease, you will be protected from inflation; the real value of the rent that you pay to the lessor will decrease due to the influence of the inflation.

Medium and Long Term

Leasing heavy equipment is a credit service for your company in the medium and long term. It is very difficult to find credit or financing with medium or long term at this time because most of the credit tenor provided is short term so it is only suitable for financing or short-term credit only.

Heavy Equipment with Various Conditions

The advantage of leasing is that you can have heavy equipment in various conditions. Not only new heavy equipment can be leased but even used machines can also be leased with a note that the tool is not too old and in good condition. It's good if you know the advantages and disadvantages of leasing from each of these tools. New heavy equipment has good conditions but is expensive, while used heavy equipment is not too expensive but the interest rates are high.

The Process is not Convoluted

Many businessmen choose to apply for financing to lessor compared to the bank. This is because the terms and conditions imposed by leasing are far easier than banks. Not only that, the administration imposed by the services of the lessor is much simpler. The bank will not hesitate to refuse your credit request if the documents attached are not in accordance with the terms and conditions.


The last advantage is that you will be facilitated in every process. Submission of leasing can be done through an application or leasing site which can be accessed via a PC or computer. The practicality can also be seen during a survey to the dealer - the leasing officer will do it himself and ascertain whether the heavy equipment is feasible for financing or not.

Leasing is a solution for your company that needs heavy equipment but has limited capital. By applying for heavy equipment leasing to a finance company or lessor, you can feel some of the benefits mentioned above, thus, don't hesitate to apply for leasing to a trusted finance company.


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