For companies that are engaged in construction tasks, heavy equipment is needed to cover tasks that cannot be done by human, especially tasks that involve earthwork operation. By utilizing heavy equipment, it is expected that the work can be done effectively and efficiently. Nevertheless, it costs a huge amount of money to buy heavy equipment. That’s why most construction companies prefer to rent or to lease the equipment from a heavy equipment leasing company. Before deciding to lease heavy equipment from any leasing companies, here are 7 most important things you must know. Let’s take a look!

A Trusted Lessor

One way to help you choosing a trusted lessor is by collecting good references of heavy equipment leasing companies. After this, you can make comparison and select one from the references. To choose a trusted leasing company, choose one that is registered with the APPI or the Association of Indonesian Financing Companies, this also applies to banks and other financial companies that you select as a reference.

Flexible Terms & Conditions

To avoid the uncertainty in the future, choose a flexible leasing service where your credit can be adjusted to your conditions at any time so there will be no problems to make payment adjustment on your installments.

Competitive Offers

When you are making comparison of different leasing companies, make sure that only leasing companies with competitive offers are on your lists. Usually a lessor also acts as a supplier and will often provide competitive offers such as discounts, gifts for the lessees, and so on. You can get the best price and save your money more if you can get beneficial special offers.

Interest Rates

Choose a lessor who offers low interest rates, so that the amount of installments that you must pay is also smaller. Look at the amount of installments that are covered whether it is in line with your financial abilities. Try to find an option where the interest rates and installments offered fit your limits.

Covered by Insurance

Choose a lessor which includes insurance to cover your lease of heavy equipment. This insurance is important to protect the heavy equipment that your company uses. Tools that are damaged when used can be protected by insurance, so that maintenance or repair costs can be transferred to the insurance company.

Do a Simulation

By doing a simulation, you will be able to predict how much you have to pay, the amount of down payment, and so on. A trusted leasing company will have credit simulations that can be easily understood, so that you can get a real picture of your simulation lease.

Features & Services

The more services and features provided, the better for you. One of the features and services that you must pay attention to is the ease of payment which can prevent you from paying late. Usually you have to pay for a fine if your installment payment is late. Therefore, choose a leasing that can accept payments via ATM, internet banking, post office, and so forth.

Another thing that you should prepare before applying for a lease is that you have to prepare for the down payment and the first installment cost. You need to give the lessor the requirements after you sign the agreement letter with the leasing company that you choose. After knowing all the important things to know before deciding to lease heavy equipment from any leasing company, it’s time for you to decide when to start. Good luck and may the success be with you!


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