Unsecured cash loans can be a solution to getting a fast loan. If undesirable things happen to your relatives then you need fast funds that are not small. Thus, you should be able to find a loan as soon as possible. If you don't get a loan immediately, things will get worse in the future. Loans with collateral take a long process, it is different from unsecured loans. Even so, it does not mean that unsecured loan is perfect, there are several disadvantages attached to it.

Advantages of Unsecured Cash Loans

It would be better if you understand the advantages prior to discussing the disadvantages of unsecured cash loans. Check out several advantages of unsecured cash loans that you must consider, as follow:

  • Easier requirements

The first advantage of the unsecured loan is the easier requirements. Loans using collateral require you to give your valuable assets such as homes, cars, motorbikes, and others. Whereas, banks and financial companies will only ask you to submit several documents as a requirement in applying for the fast loan.

  • Faster disbursement of funds

The next advantage is that this loan is much faster compared to those who use collateral. Therefore, many people use this loan as a quick way to get a cash loan. You will be able to get a loan in just a maximum of three working days, on the condition that your loan has been approved. You should know the requirements of a cash loan prior to applying for it.

  • Loan funds vary

The advantage of unsecured cash loans is the variety of funds offered. These funds can be used to fulfill your personal needs such as home renovation, marriage, buying a house, car, and so on. Other funds such as business capital are not recommended because of the small loan limit.

  • Privacy is maintained

Your privacy or data will remain secure in the system if you apply for a loan through an online system. The data that you submit will not leak into the hands of unauthorized people so that they will not be able to easily access your data stored on the system.

Disadvantages of Unsecured Loans

Besides the advantages, there are several disadvantages that you must consider, as follow:

  • Small credit limit

The first disadvantage is the small credit limit. If you want to use it as business capital, this unsecured loan is not suitable for you because the limit is not as big as using collateral.

  • Short tenor

The tenor of an unsecured loan is shorter compared to using collateral. The debt repayment process is shorter so that you don't have much time to pay off your loan.

  • The interest is quite high

Even though there is no collateral, the interest you have to bear is quite high compared to using collateral. The reason is that there are no valuable assets that are used as a substitute if you cannot pay the loan or installment loan.

  • Expensive installments

Short tenors and high-interest rates make the installments that you have to bear every month are quite high. These large installments can burden you to make payments.

  • Having a credit card

The disadvantage of unsecured cash loans is a credit card. This will cause you to fail when applying for the loan.

  • Easy to be blacklisted

The last disadvantage is that you will easily enter the BI blacklist or APPI (Association of Government Financing Companies) blacklist. This will happen if you are a civil defendant in court. This lawsuit occurs if your loan payment is stalled or you cannot make repayments.

You should know the advantages and disadvantages of loans before applying for any type of loan, as well as unsecured loans. Do not let the lack of information about unsecured cash loans have a negative impact on your family's finances in the future.


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