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03 February 2023
Know the Types and Functions of Heavy Equipment, The Backbone of the Project

In every construction project, heavy equipment is always the main star that helps construction work. Heavy equipment is the main and important factor in a proje...

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30 January 2023
Tips for Fixing Your Credit Score!

If you have ever applied for financing, whether it's a mortgage or other credit, you must be familiar with credit scores. A credit score is a number that indica...

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27 January 2023
Buy a lot of Snacks with Safe and Sound Wallet

Who doesn't like snacks? As Indonesians, snacks have become part of the lifestyle. Every time they leave the house, more than 50% of people buy food outside. Th...

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25 November 2019
Mengenal Berbagai Jenis Alat Berat untuk Proyek Konstruksi Bangunan

Anda harus paham benar tentang jenis-jenis alat berat yang digunakan. Ketika alat berat tersebut digunakan secara tidak tepat, justru menimbulkan kerugian dalam...

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19 November 2019
Aset-Aset yang Bisa Anda Jadikan Jaminan Kredit

Untuk mengajukan pinjaman ke bank atau pihak leasing, Anda harus tahu aset-aset yang bisa Anda jadikan jaminan kredit. Ketika Anda mengajukan pinjaman yang memb...

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