CSR Activity

CSULfinance is responsible towards social activities of the surrounding environment

The Company has responsibilities towards all stakeholders in conducting its business activities. Therefore, apart from having a responsibility to consumers, employees, shareholders, and communities, the Company is responsible towards social activities of the surrounding environment.

As an embodiment and intent of social awareness towards surrounding communities, the Company continuously conducts social activities, either in the educational, economic empowerment, and other social activity sectors, which is the function of and implementation of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.

Based on KP / CSUL-004 company policy dated October 3, 2014 regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR), CSULfinance always provides social contributions related to environmental, health, social development, and community aspects that occur in the community, especially in the environment around CSULfinance good operational areas at the head office and in all CSULfinance branches.

09 August 2015
Ramadan Sharing

As part of CSULfinance responsibility towards social issue and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility, on August 8th 2015 the company held a caring a...

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