Persyaratan & Pengajuan Kredit (Pembiayaan Investasi)

The following requirements must be considered by the customer when applying for financing

Document Individual PT/CV
Photocopy of Resident Identity Card (KTP)
Photocopy of Family Certificate (KK)
Photocopy of identity card of spouse and family members based on family certificate
Photocopy of Marriage Certificate
Photocopy of Tax Registration Card (NPWP)
Photocopy of personal and corporate bank statement and for the last 6-month period
List of monthly liabilities to financial institution (leasing/bank)
List of individual/company asset: heavy machinery/trucks/four-wheeled vehicles
Photocopy of service contract (specifically for contractors/equipment rent)
Price information /list for goods/service from vendors/third parties
Photocopy of company’s deed of incorporation (along with deeds of amendments)
Photocopy of Decree of Ministry of Law on validation of deed of incorporation and deeds of
Photocopy of Commercial Business License (SIUP)
Photocopy of Business Location Permit (SITU)
Photocopy of Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
Photocopy of financial statements for last two years (in-house/audited)