Summary of Product and Service Information

Summary of Product and Service Information (RIPLAY) as information to all CSULfinance debtors to find out an overview of the costs, benefits, documents, and additional information.

Summary of Cost Information


  1. The risk of not being able to own a vehicle if you don't pay off the installments
  2. The risk of additional costs that arise in the event of non-performing financing (collateral execution costs and penalties)
  3. Collateral execution risk that occurs under the following conditions;
    • You are negligent in making installment payments according to the agreement
    • You transfer/pawn the object of financing without the knowledge of the Financing Company
  4. Reputational risk in the form of recording a history of financing in the Financial Information Service System (SLIK) when you are in arrears

Document Requirements:

You must complete the following document requirements:

  1. Photocopy of ID card
  2. Copy of KK
  3. Copy of Marriage Certificate
  4. Copy of Savings Account
  5. Salary Slip & Income Statement
  6. Proof of home ownership
  7. Salary slip and income statement

Additional information:

Contains additional information, for example: (if any)

  1. Installment payment schedule
  2. The procedure for handling non-performing financing is adjusted to the policies of each Financing Company.
  3. An increase in interest rates resulting in a larger number of monthly installments, etc
  4. The period of return and or collection of collateral documents is from the day of payment
  5. The Financing Company is required to submit a copy of the Financing Agreement as well as the Insurance Coverage document to you with the procedure and place of return in accordance with the agreed terms.
  6. The Financing Company is obliged to inform all changes to the benefits, costs, risks, terms and conditions of these Products and Services by mail or through other means in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions. The notification will be informed 30 days before the change takes effect
  7. You will receive other product offers from third parties if you agree to share personal data
  8. Other information regarding costs, benefits and risks can be accessed through the official website or application, etc

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