Reschedule Payment

Special Program For Debtors Affected by Corona Virus Spread

As a form of CSULfinance's support for government directives regarding the impact of the Covid-19 virus (Corona Virus) on the national economy which can also affect your current financial condition, CSULfinance offers financial restructuring to you who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the spread Corona virus.

The types of financial restructuring that we can offer are as follows:

  • Extension of time period; and / or
  • Partial payment delays;

Submission of a request for restructuring can be done by a person affected by the spread of Corona Virus with the following requirements:

  • Specifically for debtors who obtain multipurpose financing facilities for purchase vehicles with payment in installments;
  • Vehicle unit holder / guarantee.
  • Other criteria set by CSULfinance

Restructuring (waivers) can be approved if the vehicle guarantee / other collateral is still in your control in accordance with the financing agreement, and other conditions are determined by CSULfinance. Approval of the restructuring (waivers) will be informed by CSULfinance via email.

For those who have received a restructuring agreement (waivers) to make payments responsibly in accordance with the mutually agreed restructuring agreement (waivers).

We can say that CSULfinance continues to operate and provide services to you.
For those who are not affected by the Corona Virus outbreak, continue to make installment payments in accordance with the agreement, in order to avoid financial penalties and negative records in the Financial Information Service System (SLIK).

Ladies and gentlemen to always follow the official information from CSULfinance, do not easily believe hoax information, and report to CSULfinance if there is a debt collector who does not comply with the provisions.

May we all be given a smooth business and be kept away from the existing outbreaks.

Submitting an application please download the form below.

Please send it back to by providing supporting documents. Returning forms and requirements is done via email (no need to go to CSULfinance office)