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January 12, 2016
Branch Opening in Kali Malang East Jakarta & Bogor West Java
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Since 2014 CSULfinance has expanded its business into automotive financing. Despite the economic slowdown in Indonesia but automotive business financing is quite stable and still alluring. CSULfinance seize this opportunity by opening branches in Kali Malang East Jakarta and represantitive office in Bogor West Java.

The branch in Kali Malang was open in October 7th 2015 while the representative office in Bogor was open in November 18th 2015. On both opening ceremony was attended by Mr Suwandi Wiratno as President Director, Mr. Andreas Sudarto as Operational Director, Business Leaders from Automotive Business Unit Department, and also other Department Leaders from the Head Office.

With this automotive business expansion, CSULfinance hope that it will increase exposure to potential market and the customer can also benefited from CSULfinance financial services.